By creating a safe, consistent, and welcoming environment, SOAR Inclusive Preschool helps to foster the confidence and curiosity of our students. The play-based curriculum includes hands-on lessons and group activities, providing ample opportunities for learners to improve their knowledge-base while developing social skills. See the classes being offered at SOAR Inclusive Preschool.

Kids Running

Morning Program

Explore the world through play in our morning program for children new to preschool. Our youngest learners practice connecting with others through listening and sharing ideas. Lessons combine music, stories, art, and hands-on activities to ease comprehension of new concepts. Students are free to move through centres at their own pace, while the daily schedule and staff provide the structure young children need. Choose the two, three, four, or five-day program, from 9 to 11:30 am.

Kids for Peace

Afternoon Program

The afternoon program expands on the lessons of the morning program, with an additional focus on early academic skills and self-management in preparation for Kindergarten. While developing new literacy and numeracy skills, students continue to demonstrate their understanding of early childhood lessons through play and conversation.  The consistent schedule and organized classroom encourage student independence in daily routines, easing the transition to the next phase of learning. The afternoon program is offered  in a two, three, four or five-days a week, Monday through Friday, 12:30-3:00 pm.

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Supported Program

SOAR Inclusive Preschool is designed to set learners up for success and independence from their first day of attendance. When students need help to meet learning or behavioural expectations, we offer a 1:2 support program. Our trained behavioural interventionists support learners who are still developing classroom readiness skills, such as speaking, listening, and following directions. Staff are skilled at fading support as soon as possible, to encourage independence in specific activities and, eventually, the full school day.  Contact us t

School Children

Extended Year Program

A program for kindergarten-age children who may need an alternative to public education. Contact us for more information.